The extent of problem of Mental Health in the State

Population in Kerala State (2001 Census ) 3,33,87,677
Prevalence of Psychiatry disorders (10%-WHO Report 2001) 31,83,862
Prevalence of severe psychiatric disorders (20/1000 Population) 6,36,772
Neurosis and Psychosomatic disorders (20-30/1000 Population) 6,36,772 - 9,55,159
Mental Retardation (0-1% of all children up to 6 years) 18,267 - 36,535

According to World Health Report 2001

(i) 20 % all patients seen by primary health care professionals have one or more mental disorders.
(ii)One in four families is likely to have at least one member with a behavioral or mental disorder
(iii)Mental disorders account for 10.5% of the global burden of disease (GBD) in 1990, 12% in 2000 and this will increase to 15% by 2020

In addition Kerala contribute to 10.1% of all the suicides occurring in India though our population constitutes only 3.4% of the Nation’s population. During the period 1991 – 2002 incidence of suicides in Kerala rose at a compound growth of 4.61% as against the population growth rate of 2.2%. In 2003 ,among other States, Kerala is having the highest suicidal rate ( 29.7 per one lakh ) which is two andhalf times higher than the National average ( 11.2 per one lakh population). Kerala stands first in the rate of suicide among other states for the 8th time.
The Alcohol and other drugs related problems are also high in Kerala. The per capita consumption of Alcohol is also highest in Kerala. In the case of divorce rate Kerala is far ahead. All these show the severity of the Mental Health problems prevailing in Kerala. Suicide and alcohol related problems are highest in Idukki District of Kerala followed by , Wyanadu,and Kollam. 

General Health care system in Kerala
Medical Colleges(Govt Sector)
Medical Colleges(Co-operative Sector )
Medical Colleges(Pvt. Sector)
Govt.Mental Health Centers 3
District Hospitals 16
General Hospitals 18
Taluk Head Quarters Hospitals  81
Community Health Centers 105
Primary Health Centers 944
Government dispensaries 239
Government Rural Dispensaries  310
Sub Centers 5094

Existing Mental Health services available in Kerala
No. of beds Mental Hospital ( Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode & Thrissur ) 1342
No. of beds in the psychiatry Departments of Govt. Medical Colleges 216
No. of beds in Government General Hospital Psychiatry units  156

P G Centres in Psychiatry
MD Seat in Psychiatry in Govt. Medical Colleges
DPM Seats in Psychiatry in Govt. Medical Colleges
MD Seat in Psychiatry in Pvt. Medical Colleges
DPM Seat in Psychiatry in Pvt. Medical Colleges
DipNB (Psychiatry)
Mental Health Center Thiruvananthapuram