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Mental health



What is mental health ?

Health has been defined as a positive sense of well being - physical, mental, social and not merely an absence of illness. Mental health thus is an integral component of total health so Mental health is not merely an absence of mental illness. It is a balance between all aspects of life like emotional, economical, spiritual as well as physical which shows how we feel and think about our self, others and how we face life's situations

Mental health problems affect people of all age groups. According to WHO one in four people who get the help of General Health Services both in developed and developing countries do so for emotional and psycho-social problems.

How to manage good mental health ?
Good mental health depends upon our ability to
  • enjoy life 
  • manage social relations 
  • develop and sustain healthy inter personal relationships
  • be aware of needs and preferences of others
  • meet the problems of day to day life
  • adjustments with family, colleagues and society